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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Draper Responds

Draper on Detroit radio, said the PA executive committee will be meeting in TO on Tuesday of next week, players will gather in TO on Wed. to be updated and voting would take place either Wed. or Thursday.
He also stated he would be shocked if the deal is not ratified.
Said teams now need to go "over the edge" in marketing the game, especially in the smaller markets and teams that may be hurting.
In regards to the Wings, there will be changes. Money was never an option for the Wings, but now it is.
Asked about Bettman and Goodenow, no reason to bash them now. They both got a deal done but very disappointed there wasn't a season.
He wants the fans to know that this was an owners lockout, not a strike by the players. The players have given up a lot and hopefully the deal is broken down in the next couple of days and the fans realize the players have given up an awful lot.
Draper states keeping the core of the Wings together will be difficult, but the Wings will find a way to do it. Something new for the whole league, but Holland will find a way to keep the Wings very competitive.
Thinks the rule changes will allow players to play, hopes it gets back to the Oiler Days of the 80's.