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Sunday, July 10, 2005

nhl- Face the Fact

from the Boston Globe, Almost 10 months gone by, and we're still waiting for the NHL lockout to end. The Los Angeles Times jumped off the bench a second or two early last week, predicting a deal would be in place Thursday, but we're all still here, waiting for the last agonizing bit of the glacier to slip into the sea of futility.
No worries. Most important, the LA Times had most of the key issues summarized in detail, and the lockout will end this week.*
One caveat regarding the above asterisk: Unless the leadership of the Just Say No Players Association orders up another batch of Kool-Aid to be served at the anticipated ratification jamboree (oh, to be a mosquito on the wall at that bloodletting).
Sweet mother of Maurice Richard, what a beating the players took. Really, there's no putting any other spin on this one, although we can all count on the JSNPA spritzing perfume all over the pig when it comes time to explain why the deal they're about to sign in July is sooooooo much better than the one they could have taken in February, back when there was still a season -- and perhaps a sport? -- to save.
A word of caution to NHL owners: Don't queer the deal now, boys, by boasting too much. Hammering the workforce into submission didn't have to be this ugly, and labor has itself to fault most for that. However, getting too giddy now at crunch time not only would be perceived as piling on, but it also could serve to embarrass the humiliated workforce enough to vote ''No" when the only rational vote is ''Yes!" on...