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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Fan Fallout

from the CP via Sportsnet, Fans have waited more than a year for NHL hockey. The NHL might have to wait that long, or longer, for some of them to return to the game after the lockout.
TV broadcasters in Canada have been selling advertising spots for 2005-06 hockey telecasts at a discount that assumes up to a 20 per cent drop in average audience ratings from the 2003-04 season, media buying experts said Wednesday.
That's broadcasters in Canada, where hockey is king. Imagine the discounts that could be needed to sell commercial time in the United States - if ESPN returns to the league, or another network takes on a slew of games while NBC runs occasional late-season and playoff matches.
Opinions vary on whether fans will flock back to arenas let alone their TVs. Some expect a honeymoon period in Canada and some U.S. cities when the game makes a long-awaited return, but the longer-term impact of the first sports labour war to cancel an entire professional sports season is unclear....continued...