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Sunday, July 10, 2005

nhl- The Future Roadmap

from ESPN (July 8th), Sometime between today and next week, sweaty NHL bargainers will look up at their counterparts from the National Hockey League Players' Association and together they will nod their heads and put down their pens. Done. A new collective-bargaining agreement between the National Hockey League and its players.
But then what?
Here's a rough road map of how the frenzied post-CBA summer is likely to unfold.
Once both sides agree on a deal -- likely sometime this weekend or early next week -- don't expect the parties to rush onto Broadway and burst into song. The two sides will likely draft a joint release about the tentative deal, but further details will wait for ratification.
There has been speculation the league will wait to announce a tentative deal until after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game next Tuesday in order to take advantage of the hole in the North American sporting schedule. Maybe. But time is at a premium; logic dictates that once a tentative deal is done the league will want to move forward as quickly as possible.
The league's ratification process involves what is expected to be rubber-stamping of the agreement by the NHL's board of governors who are expected gather in New York within a day or two of the tentative deal being reached. A simple majority is needed to ratify the deal. Consider that a fait on...