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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

nhl- Good for Canada

from CTV, Could it come today, tomorrow, next week? Talk about the hockey labour woes has changed from if to when a deal will be announced.
Howard Bloom, the publisher of, says he is sure the two sides have come to an agreement.
"They are working really almost at a snail's pace to make sure every thing is in place. But yes, they have reached an agreement in principle," Bloom told
"I would be very, very surprised if in the medium term we didn't have teams back in Winnipeg and Quebec City," he said.
In order for the NHL to survive, it's going to have to make the game more fan-friendly, Bloom says. It is also going to have to re-evaluate the hockey markets.
"Hockey was never going to work in the American southeast, and the sooner they get rid of those franchises, the stronger a business they'll be."...more...