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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Heat on Chelios

from MSNBC, Comments from Wings star about Jewish commissioner certain to offend.
It didn't take long for Chris Chelios to get angry at Gary Bettman, again.
Chelios, who made threatening remarks about the NHL commissioner and his family during the NHL's 1994-95 lockout, reportedly told the New York Daily News that Bettman should 'get the gas' following Wednesday's tentative agreement between owners and players to end the 301-day lockout.
Chelios said the commissioner should be fired once the collective bargaining agreement is signed.
"It's not so much the deal," Chelios told the paper. "It's all about the lies and separating the players from the league and making us look bad because we have to defend ourselves."
Then, using language that is certain to offend, especially given Bettman's Jewish heritage, Chelios added: "That alone should be just cause for him to get the gas after this is all done."
There is considerable hostility on the players' side in anticipation of a rank-and-file meeting and ratification vote on a CBA that will reduce their earning power.

Well, Chelios made these remarks no later than July 10th, and today MSNBC is picking up the story. I for one do not think Chelios intended the remark to be of racial nature. It appears to me that MSNBC thinks the remarks from Chelios were made within the last 24 hours.