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Monday, July 11, 2005

nhl- Hiring Frenzy

Source: Sports Business Journal (paid sub.)

  • Several clubs said they will add as many as 40 to 50 new full-time employees over the next several weeks, mostly in their ticket and corporate sales departments. Last week the Ottawa Senators staged a “Career Recruitment Fair” to help fill 50 full-time and about 500 part-time game-night jobs.
  • The Phoenix Coyotes are adding up to 50 new sales people as a series of layoffs has left the club with only 18 full-time employees with a year or more of tenure.
  • With about 1,000 jobs eliminated at NHL clubs and rights holders due to the nearly yearlong lockout, close to that many jobs will likely be re-created over the next few years. In the short term, insiders say between 250 and 400 jobs will open up between now and the start of the season.
  • “We’re doing a lot of executive-level stuff,” said Len Perna, president of Haddonfield, N.J.-based Turnkey Sports, which is handling searches for the Coyotes and Tampa Bay Lightning. “We’re talking about jobs at $100,000 a year or more.”
  • The league itself, which laid off about 140 employees at the start of the lockout, has not begun rehiring.
    “We will wait until the CBA is finalized and then we will begin the process,” said Bernadette Mansur, the NHL’s group vice president of communications. “We are and have been looking at the organization and what’s optimal, but we will begin that process after the CBA’s been ratified.”