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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- Iggy wants Partnership

from the Toronto Star, "Since I've been in the league, there hasn't been a great relationship between management and the players," Iginla said. "I think it has hurt everybody. We'd be at the Olympics, the all-star game, the Stanley Cup and all everybody was talking about was Armageddon. Both sides weren't working together and I think that really hurt the on-ice product."
He was short on specifics, but NHL star Jarome Iginla thinks the NHL needs some ground-shaking changes to the on-ice product if it wants to bring back fans and lure new ones after the longest labour dispute in professional sports history.
And Iginla will have a unique chance to make his feelings known later this summer as a member of the league's new competition committee, which will make recommendations for rule changes to the board of governors. The board of governors is expected to rubber stamp the committee's on...