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Thursday, July 07, 2005

nhl- Iginla, We're Sorry

from the Calgary Sun via Slam, To no one's surprise, J.I. took a radically different approach than J.R. yesterday.
More than a week after Jeremy Roenick punctuated a charity golf tournament with an invitation for disgruntled fans to smooch his derriere, Jarome Iginla used his tourney to relay a slightly different message:
"We're sorry," said Iginla.
"I think everybody involved with this is sorry it took a year. All the people who this took jobs from, or had bars or restaurants ... it goes right down the line how it affected people in different cities. There's no question we're sorry. Hopefully we work together as a group and down the road learn from it and be better next time."
Cue the group hug. OK, maybe not....more...