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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- In the hands of Lawyers

from the Ottawa Sun, Daniel Alfredsson has been reduced to the role of spectator in the ongoing NHL labour talks.
While representatives of the NHL and the NHL Players' Association negotiated late last night in New York to try and hammer out a deal -- possibly for today -- the Senators captain hasn't been directly involved in the discussions for weeks.
The NHLPA VP told the Sun yesterday that the union's executive committee is no longer participating in the discussions and the new collective bargaining agreement process is now in the hands of lawyers.
Ideally, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman would like to announce the deal today because Major League Baseball is on its all-star break and there are no games scheduled, which could get hockey some much-needed airtime in the U.S.
Alfredsson was noncommittal when asked if an announcement is imminent.
"I haven't been involved in the talks in the last couple of weeks," Alfredsson said from his Ottawa home. "I know they're making progress and I know they're working on issues and I know the lawyers are going through stuff.
"I don't know how long that's going to take. Could it be a week or two weeks? I don't know. If we keep going in this direction, we're going to get something done, but we've been here before. It's the same answers to the same questions you've been asking. We're all just waiting to get something done."...more...