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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- I've got a Secret

from Al Strachan and the Toronto Sun via Slam, All through the terminally tedious negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement, there were promises of the dawning of a new age.
Some were explicit. Some were implicit. But with a great degree of consistency, the message was clear.
Once it had a new deal, the National Hockey League would work with the entire hockey community to create a grand new vista.
Yeah, right. Perhaps it's going to start next week. It sure hasn't started yet.
As soon as the league reached an agreement with the NHL Players' Association, it announced that the terms of the deal would not be revealed until next week.
Why not?
What could possibly be gained by such secrecy? This deal is going to be ratified. Everybody knows that. And even if it weren't, what's wrong with fans knowing about a deal that got turned down?
Does the league figure it has far too much publicity and needs to turn away fans?...more...