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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Leafs Lunch

Russ Conway on Leafs Lunch, $39m-$21m, top 10 teams share revenue with bottom 10 teams.
FA starts at 31, then drops down 30, 29, etc., every year. Whenever a player becomes a 7 year pro, player will become a FA.
Former NHL players over the age of 60 now included in CBA. Russ says draft will be first week of August.
Race for the blue line for automatic icing. 20 teams in playoffs, then connection died.....sorry.
This info is available in the Eagle Tribune, but it is now a pay site so not many people can see it these days.

Back with the connection, Russ says $39m does not include benefits, Bill Watters says it includes all player costs.
Russ wanted to point out when this goes to ratification, it is all or nothing. No playing with different parts of the proposal.