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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- Looking Ahead

via the Toronto Sun-

- TODAY-MONDAY: NHL general managers gather in New York for a crash course on the new collective bargaining agreement.
- WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: Players meet in Toronto to discuss and vote on ratification of CBA.
- THURSDAY: Owners meet in New York to vote on ratification of CBA. Lottery held for entry draft.
- JULY 30: Entry draft held in Ottawa.
- AUG. 1: This is the date believed by most to be the latest possible start for free agency signings.
- SEPT. 8-11: Possible start for training camps.
- OCT. 5: Possible start to regular season.
Note: There also will be a window for clubs to buy out players, probably beginning not long after the CBA is ratified and lasting not more than a week or 10 days. All dates subject to change.