Breaking Sports

Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Looking for Holes

from ESPN, Even as photocopiers and laser printers work overtime to produce copies of the new agreement that will spell the end of the longest labor stoppage in North American pro sports history, forces on both sides of the National Hockey League's 10-month-old dispute will begin the task of trying to tear the document to shreds.
No surprise there. It's the job of GMs and agents and now the new suit on the NHL block, the capologist, to poke holes in the new CBA. It is their job to push and prod and check for signs of weakness, look for loopholes and shortcuts and fissures that will best suit their own constituents. In short, the league and its players have engaged in a 10-month exercise in building an airtight capsule in which their game might exist and thrive. Now it's time to find out if it leaks....more...