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Friday, July 08, 2005

nhl- Losing Youth

from the Toronto Sun, Full details of the new collective bargaining agreement have yet to be released, but there are fears some of the top young players will not be part of the 'new' National Hockey League when it re-launches this autumn.
In the wake of guaranteed No. 1 pick Sidney Crosby's negotiations with Lugano of the Swiss League came word yesterday that Alexander Ovechkin, 2004's top choice, has signed a contract with the Russian team Avangard Omsk.
In both cases, it reflects a concern on their agents' part that the new CBA will be too stingy with rookie salaries, which are expected to be capped at $850,000 US a year, according to most reports.
"That's the risk of the deal," Edmonton-based player agent Ritch Winter said. "It (the young players' strategy) has been thought out." on...