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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

nhl- Make these Changes

from the Arizona Republic, Instead of those clever, artsy paint jobs on goalie masks, the space could be sold to potential league sponsors, like Budweiser and Miller Lite.
Proceeds would go toward lowering beer prices for patrons, which would certainly make the game more friendly and exciting to us.
Now, we don't want to get players or anybody else important to the game, injured here. So, we suggest that a large, mean, somewhat inebriated fan be selected at random at a game in each team's arena during the season.
This large, mean, possibly dangerous fan who is selected completely at random from a list of ex-cons who happen to be in attendance, would be given a full-speed shot between periods at their choice of Commissioner Gary Bettman or union boss Bob "Boy, That February Deal Sure Looks" Goodenow.
We believe fan involvement is a big part of giving back.