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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- More CBA Details

from Bob McKenzie and TSN, Reaction to the new CBA has been muted because few people in hockey know exactly what's in it. That will start to change on Friday, when the first wave of general managers visit New York to get a primer.
That process will continue Friday through Sunday and it won't take long for the executive summaries the GMs get to find their way into the public domain and we'll all see what there is to see.
In the meantime, some additional CBA details are filtering out for us to consider.
One of the most significant is that the players' share of revenue will rise as revenues rise. We all know it starts at 54 per cent, but it goes up to 55 per cent at $2.2 billion, 56 per cent at 2.4 billion and 57 per cent at 2.7 billion.
Another key thing to understand is the cap figure. Yes, it's $39 million, but that doesn't mean you can't have players on your roster whose annual salaries add up to more than $39 million.
You just can't have them on your roster for the whole year. That $39 million figure is not some mythical paper-number, it's how much a team can actually spend on salaries in one on...