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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- No more Excuses

from Al Strachan and the Toronto Sun, The National Hockey League decided it would not trot out its "Game On" approach this time around.
There were other options, but the 2005 slogan will come later. The best suggestion might be, "No more excuses."
Under the new collective bargaining agreement that finally was hammered out between the NHL and the NHL Players' Association, the owners got what they wanted -- a salary cap of $39 million US with a floor of $21.5 million.
They got 24% rollbacks from the players and a whole bunch of other concessions that should provide them with what they always have said they needed -- cost certainty.
At the same time, the deal gives their general managers what they have said they needed -- a level playing field.
So now, if all those owners and general managers are to be believed, fans are about to get what they got last year when the NHL was shut down for the season -- a 30-way tie for first place....continue...