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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- No time to Celebrate

from the Philadelphia Inquirer (Thurs. edition) via the Mercury News, The first thing Gary Bettman should do after officially announcing the end of the NHL lockout is obvious. The hockey commissioner should resign.
That's Bettman's reward for his so-called victory in the labor war against the players. Bob Goodenow, the head of the union, shouldn't have the opportunity to step down. He should be pushed. Actually, Goodenow should have been fired a long time ago. His failure to recognize the sea change in the sports business, where players in the NBA and NFL are essentially partners with their leagues, was the root cause of this whole mess.
It was an unforgivable mistake, one that cost players millions of unrecoverable dollars.
Don't look here for confetti, trumpet music or any other celebration of the return of the NHL. These people don't deserve praise for making peace after 301 days of unnecessary war. Bettman got his salary cap, but at the cost of an entire season of hockey and an embittered fan base. Goodenow got absolutely nothing in exchange for his constituents' sacrifice of a year of their careers....more...