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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Now fix It

from ESPN, Now comes the fun part -- listening to people who can "fix" hockey.
In fact, hockey has been fixed, in that veterinarian sort of way. It has been stripped of even its mild import in the bigger sporting picture, saddled as it is with a distrustful public, a scornful media, and a television deal that comes straight from Cable Access Channel Z.
But since this lockout was all about 10 or so hard-line owners and their unleashed commissioner getting what they wanted at all costs, hats off to them. Preferably with their heads inside, true, but you get what you can at times like this.
Still, since this is the parlor game du jour, let's see if we can't fix hockey too. Especially since our solution is easy to understand and implement.
To start, Bob Goodenow needs to be fired. And in summation, Gary Bettman needs to be fired, too....continued...