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Friday, July 01, 2005

nhl- Olympics and Rules

from Al Strachan and the Toronto Sun, So far, the Olympic experience has not been a pleasant one for the National Hockey League.
The league cares only about the reaction in the United States, and on neither occasion has the impact been positive.
In 1998, the embarrassment that was the American team, both on and off the ice, overshadowed any other aspects. In 2002, the deficiencies in the NHL game became evident when fans were exposed to the high-speed, more offensively oriented international game.
So less than six months from now, in Turin, Italy, the NHL is hoping that it will be a case of third-time lucky.
It's virtually certain that the NHL will participate. The NHL Players' Association made its involvement all but a non-negotiable demand at the bargaining table.
Furthermore, the recent announcement of the make-up of Canada's front-line squad, from management staff on down, is a clear indication that Hockey Canada has been tipped to the NHL's on about rule changes, including no red line for offside and shootouts.