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Thursday, July 07, 2005

nhl- One Last Fight

from Bruce Garrioch and the Ottawa Sun, The NHL Players' Association is fighting for one last concession as a new collective bargaining agreement draws closer.
Multiple sources told the Sun yesterday that the players are making another pitch to the NHL, asking it to honour contracts from the 2004-05 season to keep the market from being flooded with free agents.
"My understanding is the players really want their contracts from last year to move forward. They've given in on just about every other issue and this is one they want to fight to the finish," said a league source.
But other sources said there's no way NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will give in to the request as it could cost owners millions in buyouts.
Meanwhile, there was talk a tentative deal could be announced as early as today, but the speculation now is it might be announced on the weekend in the form of a simple press release.
Sources say the two sides won't hold a major press conference until the deal is ratified by the NHLPA and the owners -- something that could take up to 10 days after the tentative deal is on...