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Saturday, July 09, 2005

nhl- PA getting Help

from Larry Brooks and the NY Post (reg. req.), NHL Players' Association negotiators have been in constant communication with their counterparts at the NBA Players Association over the last week, seeking advice on how to include specific language in the collective bargaining agreement to ensure that league owners don't hide revenues that are meant to be included within hockey's coming cap, The Post has learned.
According to sources, representatives for the basketball players have told the NHLPA they believe NBA owners consistently divert income meant to be included in their cap, but are apparently unable to prove it. The NHL union is seeking to prevent such chicanery in their sport after having agreed to take a percentage-of-the-gross cap.
The issues of revenue definition, accounting and reporting have been a major focus of this week's NHL talks that, despite erroneous reporting elsewhere, have not reached completion. Negotiations between the parties are expected to continue through the weekend. The league has tentatively scheduled a meeting of its executive committee for Monday.
Though most of the critical issues have been resolved (stories in news outlets this week confirmed details of the agreement first appearing in The Post on May 29 and June 19), we've learned that finalization of the revenue-sharing formula is among myriad items awaiting on...