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Sunday, July 10, 2005

nhl- Players Talking

from the Post-Standard, Several reports indicate the NHL and its players union are finally close to a deal that could be announced within the next few days. But Erik Cole, a winger on the Carolina Hurricanes who is from Oswego, said approval on the players' side is far from automatic.
"To be honest with you, I go back and forth from phone call to phone call," Cole said. "There's too many rumors out there right now."
"It looks to me we wasted a year . . . all for what I'm hearing is not very favorable to the players," said Whitesboro's Mark Mowers, a center whose last NHL action came with Detroit. "We throw a season away, then we get pushed over (in negotiations) like we have no control. The whole thing is mind-boggling to me."
Craig Conroy, a former Clarkson star who is under contract to the Los Angeles Kings, agreed.
"I think we're not happy with the whole thing," Conroy said. "We lost some money. We didn't get the deal we wanted. We gambled on something (holding against the salary cap) and we lost. Now that you look back, you probably say you could've done this September of last year."...more...