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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

nhl- Push It, Boys

from the LA Times. Entire political regimes have risen and fallen in less time than it's taking the NHL and the players' association to officially resolve their labor woes.
Having agreed on the bedrock of a new agreement, they're refining language and closing potential loopholes, the final step before the NHL begins sifting through the rubble of destruction, disillusionment and, perhaps worse, disinterest.
The NHL will return next season with no cable TV contract in the U.S. Its meager over-the-air TV deal with NBC — seven regular-season games, six playoffs, plus four Stanley Cup Final games — pays no money upfront, establishing a precedent for every future deal it negotiates.
In formulating numbers for its first-ever salary cap and linking salaries to a maximum of 54% of league revenues, negotiators reportedly estimated the league's revenues will be $1.8 billion, down from a peak of $2.1 billion before the lockout. That's a generous estimate.
But hey, the NHL will have a new public relations campaign whose working title has a catchy slogan:
It's a Whole New Game....more...