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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

nhl- Shooting for the Weekend

from Sportsnet, It is far from breaking news that a deal in principle between the National Hockey League and the Players' Association is about to be announced, but the target date appears to be slowly coming into focus.
If the pace of discussions continues, sources tell Sportsnet, it is possible an agreement pending ratification could be declared as early as Friday, or over the weekend.
The NHL has called its executive committee into New York for a meeting on Monday, at which point the commissioner and his legal team hopes to be in a position to hand over the agreement.
Ratification of this agreement is by no means a slam-dunk and is believed seven-10 days will be required to complete the process, which would zero in on mid-month as the beginning of a mammoth re-launch.
Much has been speculated over the past several months as to what this new CBA will contain and separating fact from fiction won't be possible until the new document is unveiled....more...