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Saturday, July 02, 2005

nhl- Some GMs not Happy

from TSN, It hasn't taken long for reaction to the NHL's newly-formed competition committee. And that reaction, from some NHL general managers, has been of the adverse variety.
A number of GMs told TSN said they're "frustrated" and even "angry" at effectively being replaced as the body that recommends rule changes to the NHL board of governors.
"A lot of guys (GMs) aren't happy at all," one GM told TSN. "In fact, they're furious. This competition committee could have been integrated with the GMs, but it looks like it's a replacement type of thing. It's going to be very interesting to see how this dynamic is going to work."
Others, however, are taking a wait and see approach.
"Let's give it a chance," said one GM not too perturbed at the changes. "But a lot (of GMs) aren't happy, that is for sure."
Some of the angry GMs have apparently let their feelings be known to the league, which as part of the new collective bargaining committee has established this competition committee, where there are as many players (four) as GMs on the nine member panel....more...