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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- Some saying No

from Bruce Garrioch and the Ottawa Sun, "My suggestion to the players would be that they vote from the heart," said agent Allan Walsh of Octagon Hockey. "I can't tell them how to vote. These players are the ones who are going to have to live with this agreement. It's up to them to say Yes or No to it. An agent can't tell them how to vote. That's the players' right to decide."
In the wake of the agreement which includes a $39 million (all figures US) salary cap, there was scuttlebutt that suggested whole teams are preparing to vote No.
The talk was groups of players from the Minnesota Wild, New York Islanders and Atlanta Thrashers are all prepared to shoot down the new CBA based on what they've read in newspapers and heard on television.
Remember, it was only eight months ago many of these players stood side by side and issued repeated statements that they would never accept a salary cap. That tune changed quickly once it was realized this lockout could well drag into next season and beyond.
You can't blame some of these players if they're embarrassed by what took place.
Nashville Predators player rep Scott Walker was on TV spouting off about not accepting a cap the night Saskin was negotiating one in Niagara Falls with NHL VP Bill Daly....more...