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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Stan looks Ahead

The Maven looks into the future: The first key piece of business will be arranging the Entry Draft, starting with the Lottery, tentatively slated for July 21.
One team official tells me that it will be weighted in favor of the teams with the worst records over the past three years.
“Those worst teams,” says the official, “will get three lottery balls; then two and one. Teams such as the Flyers, Red Wings and Maple Leafs will get one ball apiece. The Rangers will get three balls.”
The actual Entry Draft itself is likely to be held in Ottawa on July 30, according to some reports.
This would allow the league to parade its next hoped for superstar, Sidney Crosby, to the media and public and thereby launch its long program of marketing the “New” NHL.
Following that league vice-president Colin Campbell will submit a long list of rule changes to the Board of Governors for its approval.
Conceivably, such innovations as larger goal nets, shoot-outs, double – four-on-four and then three-on-three – overtimes, elimination of the center red line and an obstruction crackdown are being given serious on and the first part of the story is old news, but continue about 1/3 page down.