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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

nhl- Stan's Bluelines

from The Maven and MSG Network,

  • Brian Burke was right to give Mike Babcock another shot (one-year-deal) at coaching Anaheim. But Babcock is wrong in stalling a week before giving his new boss an aye. Where, pray tell, does Babs – or -- his wonderful agent, Bob Brett think he’s going to get a better deal? With Central Red Army??
  • The word on tix prices is simple: Each team will decide how much to charge based on its needs-market.
  • One of the best reasons for Bettman, Inc. NOT to have anything to do with the Winter Olympics is the good and welfare of its Phoenix franchise. A Turin deal could kill the NHL All-Star Game at Glendale Arena in January. And that would be a shame all around. Our advice: Dump the Olympics; let the collegians back!
  • Bettman Inc. will be holding its collective breath over fan reaction to, A. The new, streamlined, still-to-be-unveiled league logo and, B. Form-fitting uniforms. They’re all part of the NEW NHL.
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