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Friday, July 08, 2005

nhl- Talking CBA

from 640 Toronto, Looks like we are at the end, whether it is today, tomorrow or Sunday it will be this weekend. The NHL Executive committee is poised to review the fully completed CBA on Monday. The ratification process will take seven days for both sides. After that an official announcement will come that the deal has been ratified. No announcement about a "tentative" agreement or a "deal in principle" will happen. The NHL may send out a press release this weekend to indicate that the meetings are over and ratification and review is under way. There has been talk about how the PA are looking for salaries to be honoured from last year, that is not true, that issue was put to bed about three weeks ago. What seems to be left on the agenda right now, are minute issues such as per diem, and whether or not free agency will be for everyone who turns 31 in 2005, usually it is for players who turn 31 on or before June 30th, this appears to be the last issues being looked at.