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Monday, July 11, 2005

nhl- Team Arbitration

via Slam, Finally, a victory for hockey fans. Lost in the midst of mind-numbing CBA reports the world tuned out ages ago is a clause fans have wanted for years: Two-way salary arbitration.
Sources close to negotiations confirm the deal soon to be tabled by the NHL and the union will allow owners to take under-performing players to arbitration with an eye on having their salary slashed. In the past, only players could file for arbitration.
Ideally, it will inspire players to go all out every night, as opposed to taking nights off once they've signed a big deal.
It's another huge loss for the players who could now have sub-standard or injury-plagued seasons punctuated by a boardroom hearing during which their GM will ramble on about how bad they were. While it will further heighten tension between management and players, it should also act as a good incentive for players to give fans the effort they pay to see every night.