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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Ten Key Topics

via CP, A look at what will be major stories in the NHL in the coming weeks:
1. Players must ratify the agreement in principle at a general meeting next Wednesday and Thursday in Toronto.
2. Owners must ratify the deal at board of governors meeting next Thursday in New York.
3. Draft lottery to be conducted at board of governors meeting next Thursday in New York.
3. Commissioner Gary Bettman holds "re-launch" news conference following board of governors meeting, with focus likely on new rules changes meant to open up the game next season.
4. Once CBA is offically ratified, teams will have a 10-day transitional period to determine player buyouts and qualifying offers.
5. NHL entry draft to be held July 30 in Ottawa, where hockey phenom Sidney Crosby will go first overall and finally get his day in the NHL spotlight.
6. Bettman, at some point, announces decision on Todd Bertuzzi, who remains suspended over the Steve Moore incident in March 2004. Will Bertuzzi get reinstated right away or sit out more games?
7. Free agency opens and massive player movement is expected with highest number ever of players available.
8. Canadian Olympic hockey camp in Kelowna, B.C. Wayne Gretzky and the boys get ready for Turin next February.
9. Training camp opens.
10. First official NHL game since June 2004 is played in early October.