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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

nhl- ticket Prices

from CP via TSN, The NHL lockout is finally close to ending and clubs will need to lure back fans. Here's a look at what all 30 teams plan to do in terms of ticket prices:
Anaheim: Season ticket prices have been rolled back an average of 5.28 per cent.
The biggest cuts are on about 1,500 seats that drop to $9.50 US from $25 a game. Prices have been frozen through 2006-2007.
Subscribers will get free parking, food and non-alcoholic beverages for the first three home games.
A new 2-for-1 scheme allows a family of four to buy four seats (buy two, get two) for a total of $47 a game.

"We believe our new pricing structure combined with our price rollback will keep NHL hockey affordable in southern California," said Bob Wagner, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer.
Atlanta: No change....more...