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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

nhl- The Ticket Sellers

from the Toronto Globe and Mail, "It's a whole new game."
Is it ever. . . .
The new slogan for the relaunch of the National Hockey League could hardly have been better chosen, for no one has the foggiest notion what will happen once they actually drop the puck.
That the lockout, now in Day 294, is about to end, is not in doubt. The hints have been there for weeks that a deal - first reported by this paper - has been reached in principle, a deal rather shockingly below the $42.5-million salary cap the players spit on only last February after initially saying they would never, ever agree to a salary cap of any kind.
Ah well, a newspaper columnist, surely, is the very last person who should take shots about having to eat one's words.
The world outside the negotiating sessions long ago gave up caring anything about the actual details of any new agreement, and fans of the game wished only to be informed when both sides, owners and players, were ready to come back. That announcement is now a mere formality.
Having already attempted suicide, very close to successfully, by becoming the first professional sport to pass on an entire season, the NHL isn't about to pull its own plug by tempting another.
Already, teams are moving on the presumption that the madness is over....more...