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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Time to Rebuild

from the Sporting News via Yahoo, If votes by the players' union and NHL owners go well, the NHL could be up and running again by July 14 and a 2005-06 season will be on track. But between the post-ratification press conference and opening night, there is much to be done. New challenges face the league's 30 general managers and the players' agents, not to mention every team's marketing, PR and media relations staff.
Let's start with the draft. The league must host an event. No, it won't be the multi-day extravaganza of years past, but get those top prospects to Ottawa on July 30. New York would have been better -- a draft there would force the biggest media market in the United States to pay attention. Get Sidney Crosby and highlight tapes of his amazing Quebec league feats on morning shows. Give the cameras that shot of Crosby slipping on a sweater next to some beaming general manager who can actually feel the fate of his club changing as the crest slip over Crosby's suit. If all goes well, we'll known on Bastille Day who gets to lock up hockey's hottest prospect for years to come. The draft lottery itself must be an event....more...