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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

nhl- Wait until next Week

from The Maven and MSG Network, The panic is on.
Media panic, that is.
Everyone from Al to Luke to David is rushing to tell us that the long-awaited armistice in major league hockey’s civil war is over.
Some of the more optimistic will tell you that the deal could be done by the end of this week.
I don’t believe it even though the Canadian Press is telling us that “the end is finally in sight.”
Just reading that and some of the other glib prognostications -- one out of Toronto says it will be over “very likely this week” -- soothes my hockey-missing heart.
I thoroughly understand the rush to be first with the news.
Then I remember how in early June 1944, an Associated Press teletype operator in London tapped out news of the invasion of Normandy.
The only problem was that the message went out on June 5 and the Allied troops didn’t land until a day later. (Fortunately the accidental newsbreak was killed almost before it could do any damage.)
What you should know is this: never in the history of professional sports has a group of negotiators worked so intensively and so hard for so long as representatives of the NHL and its Players’ Association....continued...