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Friday, July 01, 2005

nhl- Was it worth It

from, Was it worth all the trouble?
Probably not.
But anyone who thinks the almost-year-long NHL lockout could have been avoided by simply locking both sides in a room last July just doesn't get it.
Unlike the NBA, which reached a settlement before its collective bargaining agreement ran out, hockey needed to see bleeding on both sides to show everyone they were serious about a commitment.
A deal wasn't going to get done until the owners were able to convince the players the industry really does have fundamental economic flaws.
The union acknowledged that in February when Bob Goodenow was willing to accept the concept of a salary cap.
Most reports indicate some form of cap will be in place when a deal is reached this summer.
Flyers general manager Bob Clarke says the next few weeks will be crucial for the chances of getting hockey back on the ice in time for the 2005-06 season.
"I think it's extremely critical," Clarke said on Thursday. "The sooner they can get done and give us more time to sell our tickets, to have a draft and to get our players signed ...
"The way it is now in Philadelphia, we know the young players that are going to be on our team. But who's going to be a free agent, who we're going to change - it would be nice to be able to say this is what our team is and sell that to the public." more from Clarke...