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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Welcome to the Nightmare

from the Toronto Sun via Slam, All right, NHL fans, here's a message from NBA fans everywhere: Welcome to our nightmare.
To be fair, there are some things about a salary-cap system that hockey enthusiasts are going to like, now that the owners and players have agreed in principle to a new contract.
But the fact is, after close to 90 years, NHL fans must alter their thinking in terms of how their favourite teams operate.
Every runny-nosed 14-year-old with a calculator and a reasonably accurate list of players' salaries will know what works and what doesn't. In the NBA, trade rumours pop up all the time and can come from just about anywhere.
A fan, or a reporter, or a team employee will float the idea of a trade that could work, from a financial point of view. Fans get talking about it over the internet. Media members start debating the merits. The next thing you know, it's a full-fledged trade rumour that general managers are being asked about, even though there may have been absolutely no discussion between the two clubs that have been identified.
Say goodbye to the notion of talent-for-talent being the driving force in most trades. Say goodbye to the notion of trading a current star making a lot of money for a bunch of draft picks. It's all about salary-for-salary now. Get used to it.
The NHL wanted a cap system, but here's something the league quickly will discover: GMs will be under far more on...