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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Welcome to the Show

from the Toronto Star, Jon Spoelstra has an idea for how the NHL could recover from one of the most venom-laced work stoppages in pro sports history: make an offer to basketball star Shaquille O'Neal.
"They'd get worldwide publicity and they'd let fans know that they were still alive," says Spoelstra, a marketing expert who wrote Ice to the Eskimos and is a one-time president of the New Jersey Nets.
"Who cares if he can't skate? Just put him in net with his size-22 basketball shoes and pads that are 5 feet tall."
It's doubtful, of course, that the NHL would take Spoelstra up on his suggestion.
After all, it's not even a new idea — the minor league Indianapolis Ice three years ago signed 7-foot-7 basketball centre Manute Bol to a contract. (Bol sat on the bench for a period before leaving the arena because of swollen feet.)
Even so, Spoelstra's suggestion underscores the hurdles the league faces in the coming weeks.
The NHL may need to rely on the ridiculous to get noticed.
Think it was hard for the NHL to convince players of the need for a salary cap and revenue sharing?
Try luring back a 13-year-old one-time fan who got through last winter spending his free time playing Xbox Live or surfing the Internet instead of watching the neutral-zone trap for three hours....more...