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Thursday, July 07, 2005

nhl- What's in it for Us

from the Tampa Tribune, A story made the rounds Thursday morning that an agreement had been reached to end the National Hockey League lockout. Light the lamp and order up a round, on ice. Unlock the locks and tell negotiators to shut their yaps.
We got a deal.
Alas, the story quickly was denied and fried.
It's not true, the owners said.
Absolutely not true, the players said.
Here we go again with the media fabrications, right?
Not so fast.
The Los Angeles Times might have jumped the gun a bit in reporting the lardheads who killed the hockey season have reached an agreement in principle to return to the ice, but the paper almost certainly wasn't far off. It's the real thing this time, or at least it bears a striking resemblance to the truth.
The NHL has been checking with teams about scheduling dates for an upcoming season, and most of the big issues - particularly the salary cap - have been settled.
There are a few thorny issues left, including whether contracts signed for last season will be honored this season. They will haggle that out eventually, though, and maybe be so kind as to let us know what they decide.
When they do, we'll find out something even more important.
We'll learn how the league plans to ask forgiveness from the fans it basically spat on last season. Of the details yet to be resolved, that's the most interesting one of all....more...