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Friday, July 01, 2005

nhl- A Whole New Game

from Bob McKenzie and TSN, When the NHL resumes play in the fall, and that now looks as though it will happen, the marketing slogan will be, "A Whole New Game."
No kidding. Let's call it the NHL equivalent of extreme makeover.
Changes are coming, big changes, so let's start with what we know for sure.
Goalies will be sporting a new streamlined look. Eleven-inch goal pads. Smaller blockers and catching gloves. Less bulky uppers, pants and new form fitting sweaters.
The tag up offside will be re-instituted.
The goal line will be moved two feet closer to the end boards, creating more room to operate in front of the net instead of behind it.
More penalties will be called. And not just in the neutral zone. The goal is to open things up down low, eliminate stick and pins on non puck carriers, end the defensive zone rodeo. While skepticism is duly noted, that's the plan.
Those are the 'for sures,' next come the 'highly probable.' on...