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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Why the Smiling

from the Toronto Sun, In Canada, the all-day television coverage began around noon and ended around midnight. It was all lockout all the time.
On American television, it was a few minutes on hockey and we take you to more Terrell Owens rumours. The popular ESPN program PTI began with the following words: "Sadly enough, we're starting our show with hockey."
By next week, when almost 400 NHL players become free agents, Canadians will be playing their own version of rotisserie league hockey from homes. This will be a summer feeding frenzy of hockey news unlike any before it -- for those who have been starving for too long.
In the U.S., where 24 of the 30 NHL franchises live in a constant state of peril, there are tickets to be sold, sponsorships to be found, a game to be re-sold to audiences that weren't that intrigued with it in the first place....continued...