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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- A year off for Nothing

from the Miami Herald via the Mercury News, The NHL lockout is over. South Florida responded with scattered cheers and the exclamation, "What is Randy McMichael doing at a Waffle House and driving a 1984 Coupe de Ville? A `74 El Dorado or `04 Escalade, that's how you roll in a Caddy. ..."
It wasn't worth it. Every NHL player and agent knows that now. NHL owners might admit it, too, if they find their rinks still half-empty three years from now.
The league lost a season, fans and a television contract. Much worse, many NHL team staffers lost jobs.
And now NHL Players Association executive director Bob Goodenow should lose his job.
Goodenow isn't foolish enough to walk into next week's ratification vote waving this collective bargaining agreement like Neville Chamberlain. But he was foolish enough to spend five years firing up the membership for what became The Charge of the Ice Brigade. "On into the valley of economic death rode the 690 ..." Millionaires with short earning lives lost a battle of wallet attrition to billionaires for whom teams are often watercress on their business plate. Who knew?
Goodenow's only insulation are the tremendous gains the players made during the last CBA's 10 years. Teams run by skittish, hardheaded management helped that.
What about NHL commissioner Gary Bettman?
Bettman's control never has been as direct or as comprehensive as Goodenow's is in the NHLPA. These negotiations represented the most power the NHL Board of Governors has given Bettman at any time. Many NHL moves blamed on Bettman were planned, executed or being moved forward inexorably by the time he took office....more...