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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

nhl- Your Vote

from The Maven and MSG Network, In this election year, hockey fans will have an unprecedented opportunity to “vote” on an extraordinarily important issue.
The cause is simple; it’s all about making the NHL product significantly more entertaining than the game was in pre-Civil War days; meaning the 2003-2004 campaign; otherwise known as ancient history.
What makes this so vital to rank-and-file fans is that Commissioner Gary Bettman has a PROPOSED menu of rule changes.
They have been discussed and rehashed more times than Emeril, The Chef, dices beets.
And because Bettman, Inc. wants the fans to be happy -- once more! -- the commissioner, his sidekick, Colin Campbell, and the newly-formed competition committee will be paying close attention to fan voting habits.
So, without further adieu, I’m presenting the PROPOSED rules along with my views.
Then, it’s up to you to tell the Commish how you feel about NHL quality control....more...