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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- Yzerman Update

Steve Yzerman was just on WDFN radio in Detroit. Good chance he will be at Wings training camp. Over the next couple of weeks he will sit down with the Wings and determine if he fits into the cap for the Wings.
He was asked if he might retire, he said he will be going to training camp. Dodging the question a bit, but he needs to know where he would fit in and how the team looks.
If the team has to buyout a key player or would not be able to acquire a player because of him, then he would not come back. Said he will never play for another team, it is either the Wings or retire.
So it looks like a wait and see approach, may be a few weeks before we know. But again, he said he will not play with another team, that has already been decided.