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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- Yzerman

Listening to the Babcock press conference and Ilitch was asked about Yzerman. Ilitch responded that they want Steve back but he has suffered some serious injuries lately and the decision is up to Yzerman. He also stated we should be hearing from Yzerman in the very near future.
Reading between the lines, if appears to me Yzerman may not be coming back to hockey. This could be it for Steve.

update 11:04pm, Babcock was on WXYT radio in Detroit and said Yzerman would be welcomed back, but the decision is up to Steve. He has been through a lot of injuries but his leadership would be welcomed. Steve has a decision to make.

update 12:00pm, fro the Detroit Free Press, Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch said he expected to soon know more about Yzerman's intentions.
"We all want to have him come back, but he's 40 years old and he's had some serious injuries the last couple of years," Ilitch said. "I don't know what the extent of those injuries are today. But he's a very well-conditioned athlete, probably one of our best. You never worry about his shape.
"It's up to Stevie. If he wants to play another year, he'll play another year. He'll have to make that call, and I think it's going to be shortly."