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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Ziegler comments on CBA

from Times Community, The NHL is back.
And one man with experience is ready for the return of checks, face-offs and five-holes.
"As a fan, I'm elated and pleased that they finally got through what I'm sure was a very difficult period," said John A. Ziegler. "Now we can look forward to great games."
Ziegler understands the obstacles involved to reach a labor agreement in the NHL, which the league and players' association accomplished, in principle, Wednesday.
He was the NHL president from 1977-92 and helped resolve the players' strike in 1992, which threatened the NHL playoffs.
The details of the new six-year collective bargaining agreement won't be relased until the players ratify the deal, which is expected sometime next week.
The agreement will put an end to the lockout that wiped out all of last season and return NHL players to the ice on schedule this fall.
Ziegler declined to comment on any possible terms of the new collective bargaining agreement, which certainly will include the league's first salary cap because he still does work for the NHL and is an alternate governor for the Chicago Blackhawks....more...