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Friday, July 01, 2005

This & That

  • Red Wings co-Owner Marian Ilitch is “bankrolling efforts by a tribe of Shinnecock Indians to establish a $20[M] casino” in Southampton, New York. The tribe filed a lawsuit “demanding for the return of 3,600 acres — which includes the historic Shinnecock Hills Golf Club — unless Southampton leaders allow it to build a casino.”
  • 20th Century Fox on September 13 will release “Fever Pitch Red Sox Collector’s Edition DVD,” which contains an “extended ending with four more minutes” from the Red Sox’ World Series win and special Red Sox packaging. The release is in tandem with the regular version of the DVD.
  • The NHL Panthers next week will begin placing thousands of lawn signs along South Florida roadways and in neighborhoods with the message, “There’s a cold front moving in.” The signs will also have a Panthers logo and phone number to buy tickets. Talalay writes the effort “is intended as a ‘soft sell’ to get hockey back into people’s minds and will be followed up with more aggressive marketing and ticket sales programs.”